Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013! Family and Fun!

I think every year I say it was the best Christmas ever.  I simply love Christmas.  It really IS the most wonderful time of the year.  We spent the entire season with family and here are a few  zillion snapshots, capturing the fun.
Mom loved her new laptop, and Dad was pretty jazzed about his big, powerful drill :)

Yes, we made cotton candy on Christmas day - she was ecstatic.

I missed the real deal, so I made them recreate this magical, sisterly hug for the photo :)

He's so patient, to wait for his presents!  I love him!

The hat was from her sister, and the jacket was one of many.  She kept saying, "You never buy me jackets."  I made sure to rectify that this Christmas!

Another jacket.....

Gave both the girls 31 bags (Thanks Robyn) personalized for them.  So cute for church, co-op, or carting treasures from here to there!

Pretty sure she had Minecraft loaded on that thing within 10 seconds flat!  Can't seem to get the hang of her multiplication tables, but can download a game like nobody's business!

The newlyweds......Katy and Daniel!

Lisa Dawn was home from school for a few weeks.  It was wonderful.  I miss her :(

Camera wars!

The man of my dreams.  He makes everything better.

Dad :)

Lisa's Gus - what a sweetie pie!

Isn't she beautiful?

Katy and Daniel!

Upside down Kelly!

Lisa and the pretty, pink cardigan :)

Lisa with the snowman!  She LOVES a snowman!

I captured the actual moment - no recreations here :)

Autumn and Mark exchanged zoo animals as big as they are!

Who can resist a handsome boy with a big, red bow?!

My sweet Cayla.  Pretty sure she got 4 of these iTunes cards - she was in heaven!

Autumn and Woodstock - thanks Kelly and Lisa Dawn!

It was the year of the hoodie for Luke.

We all tried to read a few pages before Lisa gave it to her.  Fascinating, and she loves leafing through all the crazy records!

Cayla with her phone-friendly gloves.

What an amazing Christmas!  We are blessed beyond measure!