Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Autumn-ism

Tonight, while ironing church clothes for Sunday, Autumn observed that I'd already taken off my wedding ring for the night (I don't sleep with it on because I tend to dream I'm losing it and I take it off and it gets "lost" in the sheets).  She asked, "Mom, if you don't have on your ring, does that mean you're not married?"  To which I answered, "No, it doesn't mean that at all."  And Autumn replied, "Well, if you go to a store and don't have your ring on people will WANT to marry you." This made me laugh out loud.  It's funny the way a child's mind works and her mind definitely works overtime.  I guess the apple never falls far from the tree.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Am I the Only One?

1) Who occasionally prefers the 'before' picture to the 'after' picture in magazines?  I think the designers just get bored, so they take something that looks nice and gaudy it all up just so they can take a before and after picture!
2) Who watches reruns, or movies, over and over and over, no matter how many times I've seen them?
3)  Who continually hits the 5-minute "fluff" button on the dryer, intending to fold the laundry, but getting sidetracked, therefore needing to re-fluff every half an hour or so?
4)  Who believes cold cereal makes a perfectly acceptable dinner?  Tonight was "whatever you want" night and everybody made their own dinner.  I picked cereal!  Yum!
Yes, this is what it's like to be me.  My mind never shuts off and is constantly running through little oddities such as this.  Just wanted to share a few tidbits about the happenings in my week so far!  I encourage you to give me an ego boost by divulging one of your own pieces of 'strange behavior.'  'Cause you know, misery loves company and I don't want to be the only one!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Today was the first day of swimming lessons '09. The girls had a great time at the new facility. Up to this point, they've had the teacher right near them, but today, their first day back since last summer, the teacher stood in the middle of the training pool and the students had to swim to them. Really swim; no dog paddle, no treading water. They swung their arms and kicked their legs until they reached the instructor. Autumn was a bit tentative, but Cayla was a total fish! It was amazing! We cannot wait for tomorrow's lesson. In true fashion, Autumn was being goofy and Cayla was all smiles. The pics prove it :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tow Away & a Birthday!

Upon returning from our first day of VBS on July 6th, we noticed this car parked outside my house. We deduced that it had been involved in an accident, and then pushed onto our side street until the owner could take appropriate action. Apparently the owner had no intentions of taking ANY actions. So after making numerous phone calls to the 'Abandoned Vehicle' hotline, and encouraging others to do the same, the car has been towed. Hallelujah! Just another shot of the glorious tow truck taking it away!
In other, far more exciting news, on Sunday we finally got to officially celebrate Autumn's birthday. She really wanted a pinata AND a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. She got both, and had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday Autumn!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Short Status Report!

Just finished folding laundry, now I'm spending a few minutes relaxing before going to bed.  Tomorrow it's church, packing for a week at Centrifuge (youth camp), then tying up a few loose ends before going to dinner with my in-laws and brother/sister in law.  Whew!  Monday morning I leave for a 7-hour adventure with a car full of teenagers.  A week of Centrifuge should be fun (please Lord don't let there be bugs....I did get some great bug spray though), and my sister and I will have a great time taking walks, visiting with the youth and organizing shower schedules for 15 people :)  Let the fun begin!