Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Mid Year Product Review!

OK, so I love to share my latest finds and favorite items with my friends and family. Some of you have known about these forever and some are new. Some of them I have known about forever, but didn't develop a passion for until recently. Behold: They're quick and easy, they've been around for years and they taste like a little bite of lemony heaven. Krusteaz really does make the simplest and most delicious desserts. So good, and so summery!
Not only are these little cubes of gum mild and sweet, they come in a container that fits perfectly in the cup-holders of my car. Every flavor from wintergreen to strawberry is available. As an extreme allergy sufferer I'm always on the look out for products to combat histamines. Bausch & Lomb Opcon-A is now one of my favorite products. Even when I take Allegra or Claritin, I still have to deal with occasional, severe flare-ups of itchy eyes. Not anymore. I tote this little bottle of drops in my purse and eye allergies are gone. Thanks Nina for the tip. This Old House magazine is my newest reading craze. Finally! A magazine that understands we don't all have half a million dollars lying around with which to upgrade our homes! It has real tips, for people on a real budget, on how to improve or enhance the look of your home, deck and garden.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Discover this.....

I am totally annoyed with "customer service". What an ironic name, when in reality, it's no service at all. Cory and I recently signed up for a certain credit card, because they provide a 'cash back' option we wanted. So we get our cards (Cory's the primary) and all is well. As with all new cards, this company has been making 'courtesy calls' to Cory, to see how much he's loving the card, and make sure things are going swimmingly. What I don't get is "why can't I answer those questions?" I'll tell you why. Because I'm not the primary on the card, so they need Cory to answer those questions. Seriously, how DUMB is that? They're one of a million companies who do stupid things like this and here's my big complaint. If Cory were to tragically fall off the face of the earth, my money would still be green enough for them to accept a payment, so why isn't my voice good enough for them to field questions? Businesses have gotten out of control with all this 'making sure' you're not trying to be vicious to your spouse during a separation or divorce, so they put all these stringent rules and regulations out there to protect themselves and their clients. Sounds good right? But here's the kicker, when we signed up for the cards I told the person, "I'll give you all the information you need and my husband here can verify it for you." "Oh no ma'am. We must speak to your husband to receive the information." FINE. But how did they know I put my husband on the phone? For all they know I could have had Barack Obama himself reading a script (we know he's good with the teleprompter). In a nutshell, we're married. We file taxes as a married couple, we live as a married couple, share the same address, bank accounts, children and so on and so forth. Why does it take an act of congress to allow me to be a decision holder on our accounts? Oh, and one more thing......WHY do they call in the middle of the day? I want to tell them, "You're calling to speak to my husband, and ONLY my husband, and it's 11:00 in the morning? He's at WORK moron." But in an effort to exemplify Christ, I refrain from calling names. At least today. Tomorrow, when they call back again, and they will call back, I might not be so nice :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shortest Post Ever!

I should change my background to something resembling the 4th of July, but I think the cherries are so cute I hate to make changes.  Decisions decisions!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Questions and Answers

Once again, I have so much going on that I won't bore you with it.  Until I have time for something substantial here's a few more little random questions/factoids about me.  Play along if you like....and you know you like :)
Q)  If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
A) a private pool with just my family, so I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear a swimsuit
Q)  Dream vacation?
A)  Dresden, Ohio (home of Longaberger baskets), or New England in the fall
Q)  Favorite pastime?
A)  Shopping, especially at novelty shops
Q)  Favorite way to spend the day without spending money?
A)  Taking the kids to the park, working in the yard, baking something yummy for my family
Q)  You've been given $1000 and told to splurge on yourself.  How do you spend it?
A)  1 Vera Bradley bag, 1 Longaberger basket and a new, inexpensive couch for the family room
Q)  You've been given $1000 and told to splurge on your spouse.  How do you spend it?
A)  Flat-Panel TV
Q)  Ideal way to spend a Friday night?
A)  A date with my husband, or game night with friends
Q)  Ideal way to spend a Saturday morning?
A)  Well, in summer it'd be yard sales, but in colder months I love a cup of coffee while watching home improvement shows on TV
So that's it.  Just a few ideas to commit to memory in the event you ever want to give me $1000 or send me on a dream vacation.  Happy Monday everybody!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random Thoughts

I have a couple of random thoughts, so please bear with me..... I am one of those people whose dreams manifest whatever it is I'm feeling. So I must be feeling disconnected from my family because last night I dreamed that Cory and the girls moved out and went to live in a shelter above a candy store (hey, it was a dream...I can't make this stuff up). Anyhow, I went to visit them and was SO incredibly sad that I was separated from my family. When I awoke this morning I immediately opened my daily devotional and read this verse: "For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." 2 Corinthians 5:1. I honestly believe this was God's way of comforting me over my disturbing dream. God is good.....all the time! --------------------------------- Is it just me or is the fact that President Obama is visiting the Middle East, quoting from the Koran and trying to make peace with the Islamic nations, a sign of the end times? Does One-World-Government ring any bells? Just food for thought. ---------------------------------