Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Independence Day!!!

My top 5 reasons why the 4th of July is the best holiday: 1) Nice weather. In fact, it's generally down right hot and that's wonderful! 2) Picnics and/or BBQ's. We have an annual tradition of meeting with friends for a BBQ and we always have the best time.
3) Decorating made easy. Red, white and blue....If you've ever been to my house you know I love all things patriotic, so I'm already pre-decorated for Independence Day.
4) Fireworks! I always wanted a 4th of July birthday so I could have fireworks on my birthday. I love fireworks!
5) No gifts. Unlike birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Easter, Independence day is a full out party/celebration with no gifts required!
Happy 4th of July everyone! Remember to pray for our troops!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Start the Party!

The other day Cory was working out of town and I loosely made the comment, "Daddy's out of town tonight. We can par-tay." I soon realized I should have chosen my words a bit more carefully, because Autumn hounded me for the next two hours as to WHEN we were going to party. I tried in vain to explain to her that it's merely an expression and doesn't really mean you're having a party. She not only didn't understand, I'm pretty sure she didn't care. I had no other choice but to produce a party, and quickly. We went to the store to purchase their dessert of choice (doughnuts), and I pulled out some glow sticks and balloons, because what's a party without balloons?! We spent the evening helping Chuck get into the spirit (poor puppy), and stayed up late acting silly! It really was a great time. And when all was said and done, I think it met Autumn's definition of 'party.'