Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Library!

Prior to this afternoon, I'm embarrassed to admit that the last time I actually set foot in a library was around 1996 when I was finishing college. It's not that I wasn't aware of it, I just didn't feel a huge need to visit. My children have countless books and videos thanks to relatives who know they make fantastic gifts; so my urgency to get to the library was pretty low. Last week though, my father in law, while waiting for his cable TV to be connected, was checking out movies from the library to meet his TV cravings. I didn't even know the library had DVD's. I didn't figure I would check out any videos, but this did inspire me to actually go TO the library, get library cards for myself and Cayla and let the girls gather books they were interested in reading. I was pleasantly surprised when the girls selected not only leisure reading books, but also books on jellyfish, dinosaurs and rocks.....WOW! They're interested in Science. Who knew?! I told them they could check out as many books as they could carry. So, 17 books and 1 Hello Kitty video later, we have reading material to keep us busy for the next three weeks.


Inspired 2 Smile said...

Finding things to enjoy at the library has never been my problem... try as I might, I just can't seem to get the items rounded up and returned on time. I'm in love with Scholastic books - as a "homeschooler" you can get the same order forms as school kids PLUS they give you $10 in free books for every $20 you spend. Pretty cool! If you want more details, shoot me an email and I'll give you the scoop. Though if you can keep the library thing going - I admire you all the more!

kim said...

I love the library. We had to get a big tote bag when we livd in Minnesota because it always seemed we'd pick so many to borrow.
The only trouble is getting them back...who can remember how many books they've checked out and where they are all located?

Lisa said...

Ok, ladies, under the new library system you can have them e-mail you reminders to return them. You can also renew online usually 3 times which is great if you "misplace" a book. We order our books online and then go and pick them up within 5 days. It is really wonderful how easy it is. The other plus that we have now that we didn't have a few years ago is that the library gives us a list with the book titles, authors, etc so locating a lost book from home is much easier. Many happy reading hours. My kids love, love, love reading and I am one of the only parents I know who has to "ground" them from it so they can do their work.

Juli said...

You said you and Kayla got library cards. How did Autumn take that? I remember this fall when we went shopping and she cried because she was the only one who wasn't getting "one".