Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Long and Short of it!

Have any of you bloggers ever started a post, edited, re-written, and edited some more, only to delete the whole post and quit?! Yeah, I just did that. I had this long soap-box style speech about how the government and businesses bow to the wishes of the minority. I went on to rant my opinions over stores refusing to use the phrase Merry Christmas, or print it in any of their ads. Then the whole thing got so discombobulated that I just ended up deleting it for fear that no one would want to read an 80 page soliloquy about what I think! So, in an effort to spare you, here's what I originally said: Proudly proclaim "Merry Christmas!" to everyone this year, and don't worry about offending someone. Sheesh! Some of us have to make everything harder than it needs to be :)


Clare said...

I was excited to see that my Land's End catalog proudly says, "Merry Christmas" on it's front. Although, I know, it is conservative Christian avoided, I like "Happy Holidays". I love thinking of Christmas as a Holy Day. I know, I know, that can mean Hanukah, Kwanzaa, whatever. It doesn't matter, Christmas is always about Jesus to me. Boo Santa!;)
BTW I have about 6-7 posts that never got posted due to being completely incoherent. It is a good way to vent.

Jacki said...

Being very Long-winded myself I wish I'd gotten to see the one you deleted. ;>0