Friday, February 12, 2010

Blog ADD

All right, I promise to shut up about backgrounds, after this. I could not find the site my niece used, so I gave up. I liked the grass and tire swing because it reminded me of summer. And with the exception of a few minutes of sunshine this morning, it's been rain, rain, rain! Ugh! So, for a few days (or hours depending on my mood) enjoy the tire swing! And if you come back often and find a different background everytime you visit? Just chalk it up to my blog ADD :)


Robyn said...

Sorry! Even your niece couldn't find the sight your niece used!:) However I do like the more photographic background, it is a nice change. I would change my blog more often, if I wasn't so illiterate at doing it!

kim said...

I like the background! Reminds me of summer. We are white and gray here and I love the green.

Megan said...

I love the tire swing and the greenery. Definitely a sign of life and a hope for summer weather! I will take the rain over snow any day!