Saturday, March 6, 2010


On Thursday night the girls created Zen Gardens, well, actually Zen Beaches. They had a great time arranging the shells, rocks and "beach chairs" (candles from the Dollar Tree) around their gardens, while raking the sand with plastic rakes (forks).


Robyn said...

Don't you love something cheap and creative? What prompted the "zenness"? Just cute cheap stuff at the Dollar Store or was this part of a Homeschool project?

Rachel said...

Robyn, the sand was left over from "Outrigger Island" and I just thought the girls might enjoy it. Of course it's a tad messy, but they really do have fun. And it beats glitter :)

Clare said...

Anything beats glitter! Although Josie did come home with sand in her hair the other day and it was quite the mess. I can't wait until Carson is a little older-fun projects like that are not very boy-not-yet-two appropriate! But soon...Maybe me and Josie could do it, I could use some zen!