Monday, June 14, 2010

Start the Party!

The other day Cory was working out of town and I loosely made the comment, "Daddy's out of town tonight. We can par-tay." I soon realized I should have chosen my words a bit more carefully, because Autumn hounded me for the next two hours as to WHEN we were going to party. I tried in vain to explain to her that it's merely an expression and doesn't really mean you're having a party. She not only didn't understand, I'm pretty sure she didn't care. I had no other choice but to produce a party, and quickly. We went to the store to purchase their dessert of choice (doughnuts), and I pulled out some glow sticks and balloons, because what's a party without balloons?! We spent the evening helping Chuck get into the spirit (poor puppy), and stayed up late acting silly! It really was a great time. And when all was said and done, I think it met Autumn's definition of 'party.'


kim said...

What fun! What a clever and fun, spur of the moment party!

Clare said...

Next time can I come? That is part of the definition of a good mom-don't get upset, just have fun! You must have balloons to have a party-everyone knows that!:)

Robyn said...

To funny! Don't you love it when your kids force you to "let loose". It is especially good for us OCD folks;) Gideyon would totally have loved to come, donuts and glowsticks are like 2 of his favorite things in the world!