Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Faves!

I haven't made a blog list in a while, so it felt like it was time. Just a few of my favorite things:
1) An imperfect smile. Teeth that are a little askew or uneven really makes for a unique, beautiful smile. No, I'm not necessarily a Kirsten Dunst fan, but she does have a cute smile.
2) A box of chocolates. Particularly if it has vanilla buttercremes, or maple cream. Yum!
3) Slip on shoes. Especially clogs; I have loved clogs since childhood and I always get excited when they come back into fashion. I really hate shoes that tie. Due to my OCD one is always too tight or too loose or too something. Slip on shoes never have that issue.
4) Cute containers. Be it a Longaberger basket, a metal bucket or an old plastic milk crate, I'm attracted to nifty containers to corral and organize all my favorite, and not so favorite, belongings.
5) Caramel popcorn. I especially love popcorn balls. This time of year caramel popcorn is one of my favorites. Maybe because it seems like an autumn tradition. I did discover that if I eat popcorn and candy corn at the same time it's awfully similar to caramel popcorn.
6) Metal stars. Maybe it's my love of all things Americana or 4th of July. Either way, a star is always at home in my house.
7) Shutters. It's probably because I love country decor so much that I love shutters. No matter how formal a house may be, once shutters are added it's instantly country....and therefore beautiful!
8) Geraniums. Not only are they low maintenance and easy to grow, they multiply on their own and look gorgeous all summer long.

9) Boleslawiec Pottery. My mother in law introduced me to this sturdy, beautifully painted pottery that's microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. Need I say more?!

10) Silpat Mats. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING sticks to a Silpat.


kim said...

Most of your list is very Swiss-full! So many of those things in abundance here in the land of the Swiss.

And a slightly-off mine...I'm glad that someone doesn't look at it and think "man, she should've had some braces on those" I love it! you made my day!

Robyn said...

Love a list!! Always fun to see where I get my love of certain things such as containers and laceless shoes:)

Clare said...

Okay, so love chocolates-I especially like taking just one bite out of each one so I can enjoy more flavors at once.:) Also, keeps away the share"er"s! I love flowers of any kind, but alas, I kill most of mine. I think I need a Silpat, hmmm, maybe for Christmas!

Jenn said...

Love Stars too but my better half is not a fan. Was surprised that Candy Corns were not on the list!