Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Case for a Kindle!

A couple months ago I noticed my niece was carrying her Kindle in her purse withOUT protecting it.  I was shocked!  Aghast!  Befuddled!  HOW could she keep it in her purse where it could get knocked around, scratched by a key, a nail file, a pack of Tic-Tacs?  Oh, no no no, it would not do for this OCD person.

So I sought to rectify the situation by crafting her a quick slip-in cover.  I scanned my fabric and settled on a quilted fabric I already owned.  I loved this blue and yellow and often looked at it longingly wondering how I should use it - problem solved.  There really was nothing to it.  I wrapped the fabric around my own Kindle for measurements (yeah, that's how I measure stuff) and pinned it.  I quickly stitched up the sides and sewed some gold fabric ribbon around the top as a binding.  Tada!

Since she wasn't using a case/cover at all, I didn't want her to have to deal with any type of closure, so buttons, Velcro, snaps and the like were all out.  I crafted the cover so the Kindle fits snugly inside and doesn't have much of a chance to slip out or escape.  It must have worked, because she's still using it today.  I'm glad she's keeping her little device safe and snug, wrapped in it's own 'blanket' in her purse :)     

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Clare said...

You are so thoughtful! Super cute, too. Did you make one for yourself?

Mom said...

So clever and good thinking!!