Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014!

We kicked off summer with our annual Memorial Day BBQ.  We even had the pleasure of having 3 retired/former soldiers join us.  Thanks Rob, Joel, and Eddie for serving our country and affording us the freedom to enjoy a great dinner with family, followed by s'mores in our fire pit!
So fun to have Clare and Joel in town to join in on all the family get-togethers.

Cayla, channeling Captain America, enjoying a s'more.

Jocelyn in black and white.  ~Swoon~

Don't let the sad look fool you - he was rewarded with a hamburger patty and a big, fat marshmallow.  Not to mention, all the things we dropped on the floor.  He loved having everyone around him.

Our dear friends Mark and Mary, along with Eddie and Daniel were able to join us this year!

The weather was perfect for a bonfire.  Just warm enough to enjoy being outside, and cool enough to stand close to the fire to take the chill off.

So proud of Clare for 'enduring' the fire.

Mark, Autumn, and Jocelyn are always picture-ready.

Whatever they're discussing, it must be serious.  :)
I love a black and white photo - it makes a picture timeless.  Mark and Autumn are great subjects for the snapshot.

My beautiful Cayla!

Clare and Kelly on their phones, and Luke capturing the essence of the evening with a s'more.

Daniel stayed close to the fire to roast marshmallows, and Chuck stayed close to Daniel just in case a marshmallow jumped off the stick.  :)

Thank goodness for bubbles and balls - they entertained the kids for hours.

It was delicious!

He's a serious roaster.

Clare and Joel cut the kids off at two s'mores each.  Pretty sure they would have eaten a dozen, if allowed. :)


Forget the marshmallows and graham crackers - it's all about the chocolate.

Mark, Eddie, Cory, and Rob deep in conversation.

Such a great evening.

God bless America - Land that I love!


Clare said...

I wouldn't say "endured". I would love a fire if it wasn't for the smoke!;) We will have to do it again after Lisa Dawn comes home.

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures and it looks like it was lots of fun!!141

Linda Poplin said...

Very nice photos! It was delicious was my favorite. Looks like you had a nice get together.