Monday, December 14, 2009

Dr. Mom

You only have to read a couple of my posts to know that, while not officially diagnosed, I'm a little bit ADD and a lot OCD. Wait, maybe the OCD diagnosis is official. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is. Anyhow, I digress....(see what I mean?). Due to this personality disorder (and I'm not saying it's a bad thing), I like to write newspaper style posts. So, without further ado, for your own edification, I present the following, which is actually NOT a newspaper style post - go figure:
I am tired of doctors dismissing me. I always heard that doctors like a well informed patient, so I try very hard to explain all my symptoms in complete detail. Sometimes I go as far as to tell the doctor what I THINK is wrong with me, and I've learned they're not really fond of that. Apparently THEY like to be the experts. Without boring you with the details, let me just say that over the past couple of years I've had some minor health issues where I have known (or highly suspected) what was wrong, and it took the doctor(s) months to figure it out. Sheesh people, if I got paid to diagnose myself I could at least make a few bucks.
Just this week I was certain the antibiotic I was taking was making me feel worse than what it was supposed to treat. I called the on-call oral surgeon who dismissed me, and told me to keep taking them (2 more doses) until the following morning and then call my regular O.S. In the morning, I called my regular O.S. who said, "it was only preventive. You've got enough in your system, so stop taking them. I don't want to torture you anymore so I'm not going to put you on anything else." Score! 2 points for the stay-at-home-mom who actually knows her own body better than aforementioned expert :)

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Clare said...

I am surprised your doctor gave you an antibiotic! Seems like these days you have to beg for one (not that it bothers me). My dad's favorite medical advice is "if it hurts, stop doing it!" I think that probably applied in your case!