Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rachel's News!

Another newspaper-style post:
Today is the memorial service for the four police officers who were gunned down in a coffee shop in Tacoma last week. So sad! It was incredible to see the line of officers on both sides of the street; it seemed to go on for miles. And I do NOT mean any disrespect by asking this, but it made me wonder, "who's patrolling the streets? Are those officers still on call? If they do get a call do they leave the funeral and report to the scene? But they're in their dress uniforms?" Sorry, this is just how my mind works.
I tried a new fudge recipe yesterday. It was very good, but it didn't set up firm enough so it was difficult to remove from the dish, even though it'd been coated with butter. I think I'll go back to my old recipe. It's a little more work, but ultimately a better product. I really want to take some to our neighbor to say thank you. He came to let us know our roll-up garage door was wide open. Gotta love a neighbor who watches over your place....even when you're home :)
Can I just say for the record that I have always thought global warming was a bunch of hooha? Now it seems the rest of the scientific community agrees. I didn't have any legitimate basis for my theory, I just had cold, hard facts (did you see what I did there? "cold"), what with living in the tundra and all.
Speaking of cold; it was so cold here yesterday (a northern wind made it I-C-Y) that the girls and I had to have coffee before we could shop. Here they are in Wal-Mart with their Starbucks cups. Oh great, now I want coffee!


Clare said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one with kids who always want "hoffee"! It is absolutely frigid here, too. We got several inches of snow and it has to be below zero now because it was only 6 degrees when the sun was shining. Stay warm-and consider yourself fortunate because you live so close to Wally.:)

Jenn said...

Hey those officers were from all over the USA and Canada. The ones in red were from Canada. I saw Atlanta, Ohio, Pennsylvania to name a few. Every department sent as many officers as they could to the service. I know 15 or our guys went along with the chaplain. It was an amazing!!! The great thing was that this service cost the families nothing. Now that is a way to spend my tax dollars :)

kim said...

Ah, I'm so glad to see that there is someone else out there in the world who thinks the whole global warming thing is a bunch of hoohey. I, too, had absolutely no basis for that, except that I just thought it was off. Great minds...well, you know.
Its nice and warm here in Switzerland. 50 F yesterday with sunshine. I will take it.