Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Statistically Speaking!

Recently the AFA called for a boycott on McDonalds.....oh, and if you're not into AFA's agenda, then check here for another source. Just want to make sure I cover all my bases :)
I have been touting these statistics for a few months now, but I've yet to show my proof. Well here it is. Less than 2% of the population (roughly 4 million) claims to be GLBT, while 5.6% of the population (or 15.8 million) are Southern Baptist. So WHY do companies and corporations feel the need to promote and support the gay agenda? Why aren't they promoting and supporting the Southern Baptist agenda? Why do shows feel the need to have the courtesy gay couple, but feel no need to show the SB couple who attends church?
And one more thing, I'd love to know why we're considered discriminatory for being unsupportive of the gay agenda? Nobody calls the GLBT group discriminatory for not supporting the church. I don't want them to be denied any inalienable rights, but I also don't think any special privileges should be afforded either.
"All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke
OK, there's my 2 cents.....yours?


Clare said...

That's a bummer! I heard someone the other day say that they, "vote with their dollars", I just wish enough people would actually commit to make a difference. I suppose we will just have to eat more often at Chick-Fil-A.:) No doubt that they are a true family values company!

Robyn said...

Not sure how well this boycott will go over at our house, since Steve thinks McDs is food of the Gods;) I will try my hardest though. The last couple I thought sucked ended eventually with good results, so hopefully this one will too! Thanks for keeping us informed. I will have to check out that site!
Loved the pics from the last post too! So sweet:)

Lisa said...

Great post! Thanks for the informative numbers! Now if we could only get them out to the news media.

BTW, we went to JACk-IN-THE-BOX for breakfast on Saturday (due to the Big M boycott)! I was pleasantly surprised as the food was excellent! and Cheaper! so I may continue to go to JITB even when the boycott ends. I am doing my part to spread the word.

Even if the world never notices our boycott, the Lord knows. Also, I just consider it a form of fasting and I feel denial of self for a "Godly" cause teaches us so much.