Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tons of Photos - One Post!

Cory & Chuck....he's getting big (Chuck, that is :)
The tadpole queen!
Tadpoles in the "pond" at my sister's!
Ooooh, girl I love the look!
My Kater Potater Now and Later!
Cayla, in the car, ready to go to Grams' house!
Autumn, so sad Cayla's leaving for children's camp!
Looks like trouble!
Better later than never....Cayla's 9th birthday cake!
The super cute wooden stars Cory made!


Lisa said...

Love the photos! Thanks for sharing. The kids are all so cute. It was a great week (ok, Cory, I know it was more than a week :)

Clare said...

Thanks for posting the pics of my siblings and your cute kids! I never get photos of my family...:( glad you could share some!