Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's 2011

I love that my girls love holidays as much as I do.  And our family themed Valentine's day was no exception.  We had a candlelight dinner of 3-cheese baked spaghetti with salad, bread and steamed veggies, and Cyrus O'Leary's French Silk Pie for dessert.

Afterward we gave the girls gift bags stuffed with Silly Bandz, tee shirts, boxes of chocolates, a watch for Cayla, a Strawberry Shortcake car for Autumn, and various other little trinkets to make their day more special.  They loved it and were excited for their bags allllllllllll day long :)  Chuck didn't know he was getting a peanut butter bone, but he was pleased as a dog could be when we opened it up for him!

I gave Cory gun stuff (boring) and he gave me a Vera Bradley small cosmetic in Folkloric (exciting!) (See picture below).  It was short and simple, but oh so sweet and I look forward to it every year!

**Sorry if this post bored you to was mostly for my mom because she loves knowing every little detail of our celebration.  I think that must be where my love of holidays came from :)  Thanks Mom!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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