Monday, April 18, 2011

Cookies & Awana Awards!

My sister asked me to contribute something for the youth auction at church.  I decided to make cookies and since I was making them, I wanted to make more for family who live in town.  They're definitely  not professional, but they were fun to create!

This is the bucket, filled with cookies, that I made for Ben & Caitlin.

The cookie filled planter, for the church auction.  The planter was paired with a couple of other hand crafted items which sold at auction for $30.00.  Not bad considering it cost me pennies to make :)

Another basket of cookies for Lisa Dawn, Kelly, Luke & Mark.

Another shot of the auction basket.

Cookie close-up - smile :)

Deciding on patterns took more time than actually implementing them!

Cayla, receiving her award for finishing her book in Awana.

Autumn, receiving her Awana book-1 award!  So proud of my girlies.  They worked hard to memorize verses, and loved attending Awana every week!

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Clare said...

Congrats! And I think you could make cookies your "talent"- those baskets are adorable. Wish I was there to see them in person.