Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eggs!

 Saturday's gorgeous sunshine paved the way for a walk in the park, followed by dyeing Easter eggs.  Sunday is supposed to be equally beautiful, and we're eagerly awaiting fellowship with church family to celebrate our Risen Lord, and then Easter dinner with Cory's family!  Could it be a more perfect weekend?!
It's amazing how much they've matured since last year.  There were no fights about colors, and no tears  over broken eggs.  It was perfect!
With 12 colors to choose from, making a choice really took some thought!
The Christmas cups are nice aren't they?!  :)
Autumn and the eggs!
Eggcellent :)
Definitely not dark enough yet!
They were much more patient this year and left the eggs in the dye long enough to produce vibrant  colors.
Previously seen sunning himself, Chuck wandered over to check out the glorious egg smell :)
Chuck thinks it looks good enough to eat!
Such inexpensive entertainment; yet it brings great joy!
Smiley Cayla!
Nearly finished.  Making final evaluations :)
Happy Easter!  He IS Risen!

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Clare said...

This post came through just fine- we go to bed pretty early so I think it was just waiting for me this morning. We haven't dyed eggs yet, but it isn't as much fun with little kids. Your girls are the perfect age- and it looks like they produced perfect egss! Happy Easter!