Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Apple Adventure!

VBS 2011 "Big Apple Adventure" has been a ton of fun.  I took over 100 pictures today and here are just a few of the highlights of family.......
Cayla in opening worship!

Katy's room - the Big Apple Store

Lisa and Melinda's room

Other side of Lisa and Melinda's room

Staff Lounge decoration

Sanctuary stage

Cayla in crafts

Mark and Autumn in opening worship

Mark and Autumn in opening worship

Kelly during opening worship - 1st grade teacher

Katy preparing for the Kindergartners to run in

Lisa and Melinda during opening Bible study

Me, Ariyah and Autumn - snapshot while Autumn's class was transitioning to rec/snacks

1 comment:

Clare said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish we had been able to come, no Big Apple for us.;( Maybe next year... Tomorrow we start our third round of PandaMania-eek!