Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camp Tuffit, Montana!

My husband's family takes an annual trip to Camp Tuffit, on Lake Mary Ronan, in Montana, and this year we got the chance to go.  It was so much fun we cannot wait to return next year.  I will probably need more than one post to cover all the photos, but let's get started:
Cory and the most amazing dog in the world!

Our cabin "Pick".  If you click on 'Camp Tuffit' above you can visit the website and check out the cabins as well as other attractions the camp has to offer.

Cory and Poppy (Cory's dad) hanging out in Weepah their cabin.

Chuck and Cory

Great Grandma and Cayla

Ben, Barb (Grammy) and Aunt Pam

Caitlin (Cory's brother's daughter)

Cayla and Autumn

Virginia (Cory's cousin Jenn's daughter)

Chuck Chuck
Cayla with the crawdad she caught

Joe (Cory's cousin)

Ben (Cory's brother's son) and Jenn (Cory's cousin)

Autumn, Caitlin and Virginia


Cayla and Autumn

Caitlin and Virginia

Cory and Chuck

Barb (Cory's mom) and Andrea (Cory's brother Kevin's wife)

Ben, Autumn and Cayla

Cayla with one of the fish she caught

Cory, Virginia and Chuck

Virginia, Autumn and Caitlin, fishing in Poppy's boat

Autumn with her first fish

A "leprechaun" spread gold painted rocks throughout the campsite and the kids had an absolute blast finding them.  There were thousands!!!

Autumn with a popsicle from the camp 'store'.  All the kids can charge one item per day to their cabin  (or their grandparents' cabin in this case) and the resort owners know which kids belong with which grandparents.  It's amazing!

The junk-food side of the camp store

A couple of the many quotes displayed through the camp

Cayla with her moth.  We're saving 'wildlife' for another post :)
Great Grandma with all the great grandchildren

Tanner (Cory's cousin Joe's son)

The camp restaurant.  Once again, all food items can be charged  to your cabin.  We had lunch there one day and it was wonderful.

Cheeseburger, fries and an incredible huckleberry milkshake from the Crawdad Cafe.  Super good food; Chuck thought so too.  I was full and he got about 1/3 of my hamburger :)

Arizona (Cory's cousin Jenn's son)

The family, clad in Great Grandpa's favorite color, red.  Barb and Pam displayed numerous pictures of the family through the years, in honor of Great Grandpa's Memorial Service which was held at the lake.

A sea of red saying good bye to the family patriarch.


Great Grandma listening to the family's fond memories of Great Grandpa.  He was a wonderful man, and we are blessed to have called him our own.


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

Clare said...

Looks like fun, except the creepy crawdad. And your burger photos are making me hungry...;)

Anonymous said...

What a special way to preserve the
memories of a great vacation!! Im glad everyone had a great time.

Anonymous, Mom