Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paper Roses!

Last night I selected a free 'on demand' movie and set out to make some enduring Valentine's roses.  They're fairly simple to make, but I won't lie, they're a bit time consuming.  I started with red construction paper that I cut into a circle.  I then cut the paper in a swirl fashion so I'd end up with a long, curly, strip of paper.  After that, I wound the paper around a pen to form the rose shape.

Once the rose was formed, I removed it from the pen and then slightly released it so it would open up.  Then I flipped it over and hot glued it on the bottom so it would retain its shape.  The roses were cute enough, but they needed a little something more (I say that a lot).  Glitter!  Yep, I hate to work with it, but I LOVE the way it looks.  So I spread a little Mod Podge over the tips of each 'petal' and dipped the head in red glitter.  

This morning, once they were dry, I sprayed some clear sealer on the roses so the glitter wouldn't flake off all over the place.  And there you have it.  I only made 10 and I wish I'd made a couple dozen more, but they were so time consuming that's all I could turn out.  Maybe another day!

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Clare said...

I am thinking maybe sticks for stems? Pondering putting them in!