Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tiny Heart Banner!

I saw a super cute heart banner on Pinterest.  It was made using a heart-shaped craft punch to cut hearts from paint samples, and then strung together with thread.  I pinned it, but didn't figure I'd make it since I didn't have a heart punch.  Then, upon opening my craft cabinet it was sitting right there......the Martha Stewart Heart Punch my sister had included in my Christmas gift.  It was a glorious moment indeed as I realized a plethora of Valentine's crafts had just been opened up to me.

I began by gathering my supplies; craft punch, mod-podge and a variety of V-Day appropriate scrapbook paper.

Since my scrapbook paper wasn't double sided, I cut  two hearts out of each paper pattern and mod-podged them together so the banner wouldn't 'have' to be hung against a wall - if it were hung in the middle of the room, the hearts would have a print on both sides :)

Not being very ingenious, I hung it against a wall :)

Here's a close-up of a few of the hearts.  I actually mod-podged the fronts and backs once they were stuck together, just to make them a little sturdier.  I love that the craft punch had a pattern in it instead of being a solid heart.  It made it easy to thread a sheer ribbon in between the holes of the hearts.  The ribbon was just tight enough that I could slide the hearts exactly where I wanted them and they stayed put.  I think my ribbon was 3/8" but don't quote me on it - I'm bad with measurements :)

The best part about this project was it was not only quick, but it was made with supplies I had on hand.

Happy "Heart" Day!


Robyn said...

Such a cute punch! Love the simplicity of the craft and the overall cuteness.

Anonymous said...


Clare said...

I am seeing this with snowflakes, and four leaf clovers and flowers... endless possibilities! Cute!