Friday, September 7, 2012

Shirt Cuff Pockets!

After seeing some of the cutest shirt-sleeve pockets on the Internet a few weeks ago I was determined to make my own.  I love a case, a pocket, a bag, whatever.  Anything that compartmentalizes another thing is right up my alley.

So I headed out to my local thrift store and snagged 5 long-sleeved shirts for about $6.  They sat in the bag for about a week, then I washed and folded them, and set them in the chair in my computer room, where they sat for several days.  Until tonight.  Feeling inspired, I cut the cuff off one of the sleeves, squirted the cut-edge with a little Fray Check, stitched up the sides and folded the flap down.  And that's it.  Now I have 5 adorable little pockets.  I should slip one in my purse and use it to hold chap stick, money, gum, my bluetooth, or any number of small items that always seem to work themselves to the bottom of my bag.

Pockets will vary according to the shirt's cut, style, and size.  A man's large or XL shirt will usually make a much larger pocket than a woman's small.  The pocket on the far right is a woman's shirt with a slight french cuff and it's my least favorite because not only is it quite narrow, it also has a slanted flap.

I slipped a gift card into each pocket and it fit perfectly except for the woman's shirt cuff which was, as I said, too narrow.  But I love the idea of using them for gift cards because it's like getting two gifts in one :)

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