Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Monday was the perfect day to visit the pumpkin patch!

Cayla, Lisa, Luke, Autumn, Mark & Kelly
Cayla and Luke on the tractor headed to the apple orchards!

Autumn and Mark ready to pick apples!

Autumn with a Red Delicious!
Leo the big, black Newfoundland who lives on site, came out to the orchard to eat apples.

Cayla in the orchard!

Mark and Autumn!

My sister was delirious about picking apples!

Can you see the little spider on the pumpkin?  How very Halloween!

I just liked these!

Autumn posing with her pumpkin!

Cayla and Autumn!

Mark and Autumn!

Me with my pumpkin pick!

The kids had a blast on the huge tire swing.  Since it was Monday  we had the place to ourselves and it was awesome!

Kelly and her pumpkin!

Autumn and the sheep!

Autumn and Mark

Apple options.  All the Granny Smith were gone :(

Kelly and Lisa paying for their produce!

Autumn eating a grape honey stick.

Mark, on the cow!
We brought hot chocolate for the kids to have afterwards.  It was still so hot they could hardly drink it!

Trying to cool down the hot cocoa, before heading home!  Great day at the pumpkin patch.  Definitely one of my favorite fall activities!1!

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Clare said...

Thanks for posting pics of my mom and siblings! If you didn't, I'd never get to see them.;) The pumpkin patch is one of our favorite things, too. But the apples are very Washington!