Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snap Shots 2013!

Patiently waiting for me to finish getting ready for church so we can leave.

Conned into posing for a few photos before church.  I love the black and white!

My pretty girls!

Love them!

As usual, Autumn had a hard time being serious.
A day at the lake......late summer 2013!

.....because my friend Mary insisted I be IN one of the photos instead of on the other side of the lens.

My favorite person!

Did I mention how much I love these two?!
Chuck doesn't care where we're going, as long as he gets to come too :)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures,Dawn!!
Thanks for sharing! The girls are so adorable!!

Robyn said...

Love seeing how grown up the girls are looking! Also LOVE how Autumn's hair takes a reddish hue in the sun, SO pretty:)