Saturday, November 16, 2013


This weekend I was looking through Pinterest (of course I was) and I found these!
They're adorable Christmas gift tags that require NO downloading.  Simply open the document, load your printer with the card stock of your choice, and click print.  That's it, and it's totally FREE!!!  I LOOOOOOVE it when things are simple.  I've tried multiple times to print cute tags and other printables, only to realize I've installed a nasty virus, or 80.  Ugh!  These are truly as easy as I described.

So I printed a set.  I chose a light brown card stock, and a creamy one.  After printing and cutting them out, I knew my sister would see them and want a set for herself.  So I made her some too.  Behold:

Lisa and I have tags that are opposite.  Her "big" tags are on the darker card stock and her small ones are on the creamy card stock.  Mine are vice versa. 

The tags were printed to shape and in the colors shown above.  The only thing I added was the ribbon.  I selected a variety of Christmas patterns and cut them in thin strips so they would not only be small, but they would 'fray' a bit, enhancing their primitive look.  Oh, and the tags pictured here are mine. I removed the 'ho ho ho' tag from my sister's set since Lisa doesn't celebrate Santa :)

This a close up of a few of the tags.  I love the muted colors because it adds to the vintage appeal.

Cute tags couldn't just be handed over.  I decided they needed a bit of 'packaging' to corral them and make them even cuter.  Without wanting to go shopping for just the right bags, I cut Ziplocs down to size, folded the tops over and clipped them with a tiny clothespin (Yep, I happened to have those on hand).  I added the thin, red, checked ribbon and a heart-shaped music paper cut-out just for effect.

Obviously these could be wrapped up and bedecked a million different ways to make them cute.  Originally I sought jingle bells to tie around the top, but I couldn't find any small enough, so I gave up.

I can imagine a bowl full of these, displayed at a Christmas craft fair, wrapped in a variety of ways, and costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 to $6 a bag.  I wouldn't pay that, but I would admire them and think, "I'm going to go home and make some of those."

Yes, it was a lot more work than buying them, but it's a simple 'happy', made with love, going to a recipient who will enjoy owning them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Happy Christmas Gift Wrapping!! 

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Clare said...

Cute! I'm sure my mom will greatly appreciate them. She pretty much hates all things computer-related.;)