Sunday, May 24, 2009

Status Report

Status reports have become fairly commonplace in the world of blogging and yet, I have never actually written one, so here goes: Sitting: on my pockets when I should be folding laundry Thinking: about the millions of things I need to do this week Enjoying: Memorial weekend; had a blast with friends, and celebrated Cory's b-day Pondering: updates to the church website and adding a link so I can keep the congregation apprised of our pastor's trip to Israel Wondering: if the girls really ARE going to finish their schoolwork by the end of May Anxiously Awaiting: Cory's job change on Tuesday, VBS, Centrifuge, home school testing, Kindercamp, co-op graduation Loving: the exquisite sunshine and warm weather Excited: that we got our gardening and yard work nearly finished Wishing: that the hummingbirds would find the feeder I put out for them Thankful: that I am blessed beyond all measure and secure in my salvation

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