Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer Sounds

While I'm waiting for a continuous string of nice weather days, I felt compelled to share a few thoughts about sounds.  Specifically, some of my favorite summer sounds.  Any one of these going on for an extended period of time might cause me to lose my mind, but independently I love to hear each one.  (Yes, these are the kind of things I think about.  It's a curse that my mind never shuts off :)  They're in no particular order:
1) The creaky squeak of an old screen door
2) The crack of the bat when a home run is hit
3) Crickets chirping
4) My girls' shrieking laughter as they play in the cold sprinkler
5) A distant lawn mower
For those fellow bloggers who never know what to post....I'd love to read your favorites!!! 
Happy Spring!


Juli said...

I also love the sound of the sprinklers and children laughter.

I too would like to see a string of good weather for a couple of days.

Clare said...

I like strange sounds, too. :) I am definitely a "white noise" lover, I sleep with my fan on year-round! I don't think there is anything sweeter than the sound of children's laughter.