Thursday, June 25, 2009

Discover this.....

I am totally annoyed with "customer service". What an ironic name, when in reality, it's no service at all. Cory and I recently signed up for a certain credit card, because they provide a 'cash back' option we wanted. So we get our cards (Cory's the primary) and all is well. As with all new cards, this company has been making 'courtesy calls' to Cory, to see how much he's loving the card, and make sure things are going swimmingly. What I don't get is "why can't I answer those questions?" I'll tell you why. Because I'm not the primary on the card, so they need Cory to answer those questions. Seriously, how DUMB is that? They're one of a million companies who do stupid things like this and here's my big complaint. If Cory were to tragically fall off the face of the earth, my money would still be green enough for them to accept a payment, so why isn't my voice good enough for them to field questions? Businesses have gotten out of control with all this 'making sure' you're not trying to be vicious to your spouse during a separation or divorce, so they put all these stringent rules and regulations out there to protect themselves and their clients. Sounds good right? But here's the kicker, when we signed up for the cards I told the person, "I'll give you all the information you need and my husband here can verify it for you." "Oh no ma'am. We must speak to your husband to receive the information." FINE. But how did they know I put my husband on the phone? For all they know I could have had Barack Obama himself reading a script (we know he's good with the teleprompter). In a nutshell, we're married. We file taxes as a married couple, we live as a married couple, share the same address, bank accounts, children and so on and so forth. Why does it take an act of congress to allow me to be a decision holder on our accounts? Oh, and one more thing......WHY do they call in the middle of the day? I want to tell them, "You're calling to speak to my husband, and ONLY my husband, and it's 11:00 in the morning? He's at WORK moron." But in an effort to exemplify Christ, I refrain from calling names. At least today. Tomorrow, when they call back again, and they will call back, I might not be so nice :)

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kim said...

Love this post and I completely and totally agree. And if I might add, I HATE the fraud-protection calls. Understand why, but HATE, hate, hate them.