Sunday, June 21, 2009

Questions and Answers

Once again, I have so much going on that I won't bore you with it.  Until I have time for something substantial here's a few more little random questions/factoids about me.  Play along if you like....and you know you like :)
Q)  If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
A) a private pool with just my family, so I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear a swimsuit
Q)  Dream vacation?
A)  Dresden, Ohio (home of Longaberger baskets), or New England in the fall
Q)  Favorite pastime?
A)  Shopping, especially at novelty shops
Q)  Favorite way to spend the day without spending money?
A)  Taking the kids to the park, working in the yard, baking something yummy for my family
Q)  You've been given $1000 and told to splurge on yourself.  How do you spend it?
A)  1 Vera Bradley bag, 1 Longaberger basket and a new, inexpensive couch for the family room
Q)  You've been given $1000 and told to splurge on your spouse.  How do you spend it?
A)  Flat-Panel TV
Q)  Ideal way to spend a Friday night?
A)  A date with my husband, or game night with friends
Q)  Ideal way to spend a Saturday morning?
A)  Well, in summer it'd be yard sales, but in colder months I love a cup of coffee while watching home improvement shows on TV
So that's it.  Just a few ideas to commit to memory in the event you ever want to give me $1000 or send me on a dream vacation.  Happy Monday everybody!!!

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