Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tow Away & a Birthday!

Upon returning from our first day of VBS on July 6th, we noticed this car parked outside my house. We deduced that it had been involved in an accident, and then pushed onto our side street until the owner could take appropriate action. Apparently the owner had no intentions of taking ANY actions. So after making numerous phone calls to the 'Abandoned Vehicle' hotline, and encouraging others to do the same, the car has been towed. Hallelujah! Just another shot of the glorious tow truck taking it away!
In other, far more exciting news, on Sunday we finally got to officially celebrate Autumn's birthday. She really wanted a pinata AND a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. She got both, and had a wonderful time. Happy Birthday Autumn!!!

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Clare said...

I want a pinata and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese!:) Sounds like a wonderful birthday, I think we may be copying that idea for Josie's... those are two of her favorite things- especially a "pinyoda"!