Monday, August 17, 2009


Today was the first day of swimming lessons '09. The girls had a great time at the new facility. Up to this point, they've had the teacher right near them, but today, their first day back since last summer, the teacher stood in the middle of the training pool and the students had to swim to them. Really swim; no dog paddle, no treading water. They swung their arms and kicked their legs until they reached the instructor. Autumn was a bit tentative, but Cayla was a total fish! It was amazing! We cannot wait for tomorrow's lesson. In true fashion, Autumn was being goofy and Cayla was all smiles. The pics prove it :)

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Clare said...

Joel and I were just saying that we should take up swimming because it burns so many calories! :) I have always wished that I knew how to swim. Maybe when my kids are taking lessons I will, too. It sure looks like fun!