Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gothic Gala!

Wow! Two posts in one day. What is this blog coming to?! You know I love Halloween, and I've always hosted some type of party. When the girls were smaller, it was pretty kid focused, but as they've gotten older, it's transformed into more of a dinner party with friends. This year's theme was Gothic, and let me tell you, I knew precious little about Goth, so I did some research. Lots of black and white, and I threw sheets over my furniture to give the room a look of ruin. No matter the decor, we ate all evening, played cards for hours, and we all had a great time! Happy Halloween!


Clare said...

I like the framed candelabra picture- where did you get it from? Looks like it was an intimate gathering-fun,fun!

Rachel said...

Clare - it was a pretty intimate gathering. I invited the same two families from last year, who I know acknowledge Halloween. I have many friends who don't celebrate it, so I don't insult them by inviting them, but instead have them over other times of the year.

As I age, I'm finding Halloween is a very 'touchy' holiday and people have decidedly strong opinions about it :)