Saturday, October 23, 2010

What about Halloween?

I've added a new poll to the right, so I hope you'll add your vote over there and put in your comments here. Do you celebrate Halloween, or do you avoid it like the plague? What about Fall Festival or Harvest? Do your kids dress up? Trick or Treat? Hand out candy? What about other traditions specifically acknowledged on October 31st?
I'm pretty old-school and traditional. While I don't like scary or evil costumes, I do let my girls dress up and go trick or treating in my in-laws neighborhood with my husband and father in law. I stay at the in-laws' home handing out candy (because my mother in law doesn't like doing it) and commenting to all the trick or treaters about their cute, scary, or inventive costumes. When the girls come home we indulge in home made pizza and sort through their loot.
So that's our Halloween, and I look forward to it every year!

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Clare said...

I love your candy corn background! All things candy corn make me think of you...Joel loves Halloween, so even though we didn't really celebrate it (except for Fall festivals) we do now. I like to buy cute costumes for the kids, they have so much fun dressing up!