Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shopping Days!

Without a doubt, the best time of year to shop is after Christmas, and while the sales extend through January, the week after Christmas is simply wonderful. Not only is there still plenty of inventory to choose from, it's available at steep discounts of 70% off or more. Stores offer those great deals trying to get rid of the prior year's product so they can bring in the next wave of over-priced gadgets and gizmos. As an added bonus, most people have already spent what they planned to spend, so they're tapped out by the time Christmas is over. Translation: More sale items for us.
To the Riddle clan: I vote that next year we celebrate on Epiphany, January 6th (the day the Wise-Men brought gifts to Jesus). Just think how much fun we would have cashing in on all the post-Christmas sales?! AND.......we could extend Christmas an additional two weeks by celebrating so late. I'm sure Lisa Dawn is on board with a Christmas extension. Who else is with me? :)


Robyn said...

WhooHoo for Deals!! I vote for an Epiphany celebration:) Maybe one year I will actually manage to be there for it!

Lisa Dawn said...

Yes! I am all for a Christmas extension! For me, there can not be too much Christmas! :)

Clare said...

That is funny, I was talking to Joel about exactly that same thing! Although, I really don't like getting Christmas stuff (decor, etc.) for Christmas because you can't use it until the next year.