Saturday, January 1, 2011

Autumn's Reading!

It's nearly 10:30 at night on New Year's Day and Cory and I are checking out the internet when Autumn comes in toting a "Little Critter" book saying, "Mom, I can read this." And she proceeds to read a line to me. After reading the first line I asked her if she wanted to read anymore and she said yes. She wanted to continue reading, and after a few pages she said she wanted to finish the book. I was elated. If you know my struggles teaching Autumn to read, you will understand that tonight's UNPROMPTED reading was the best Christmas gift ever. It just might be the best gift I'll receive in 2011, and I'm good with that.
In true Autumn fashion, before coming downstairs, she was sitting in bed employing the reading skills she's learned thus far, and I think she surprised herself by being able to read some of the words. This encouraged her, and as a fiercely independent thinker who insists on tackling jobs on HER time schedule, she realized she could actually read.
Now, lest you think she came down and provided a flawless reading, I'll admit I did have to help her with some words, especially words that are 'sight' words, or words we haven't learned yet. But the point is, she's reading, and this home schooling mom is ecstatic. I've been praying the Lord would allow me to be patient with Autumn, and give her the motivation to begin reading. And I know it's not a coincidence that she's jumping into reading. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.

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Clare said...

The strong willed ones are the most trying.:) But I also think as homeschoolers we are a little too hard on ourselves. I have a friend whose daughter can "read" but it is really only sight words! Learning phonics would definitely serve her better in the long run. Yay Autumn!