Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow and Thanksgiving!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving complete with snow, although these snow pics were taken after Thanksgiving. Just a few pics for family and friends to enjoy!
Snow pics taken 11/30 - the girls' play set covered in snow!
A tree in our backyard....with the girls' squirrel feeder which Autumn painted :)
The garage awning - just to give you an idea how much snow we have :)
Our backyard....pathway to the garage!
The 'teen' table at Thanksgiving! Clockwise from upper rt: Kelly, Jared, Lisa Dawn, Sierra, Katy, and EJ
Another teen, er um young adult, shot :)
Me, and my dearest friend Becky!
Intently watching the football game!
Adult table - tablecloth was Cory's grandmother's. I love heirlooms!
Whoa! My kitchen is a mess! And there I stand, doing nothing about it while my mom works! Hmmm?!
The kids' table - which later morphed into the dessert table!
Youth table, before the youth arrived!
It was a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Robyn said...

It all looked so fun! Thanksgiving & the snow:) Wish I could participate in both. My season will probably be snow free. I miss the Northwest SO much. Maybe I will be blessed like my mom & get to move up there when Steve retires. Thanks for sharing the photos:)