Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Day!

You know I love holidays, and with Valentine's Day approaching, I'm already decorated and looking forward to it.  While some people think Valentine's Day is just for people in love, we tend to make it a family day and spend it with the girls, sampling chocolates from pretty boxes adorned with ribbons and roses.  I start the day by giving the girls gift bags filled with "happy's" and candy, and most years we have dinner, complete with candles, as a family.  Of course Cory and I exchange some little something or other, but it's generally a low key holiday that we revel in all by ourselves.  So, from me to you....."Happy Valentine's Day!"


Clare said...

I like how you switched everything to the opposite side! I heart V-Day- maybe because it is so close to my birthday it just feels like the celebration is continuing. We always stay home-last year it was heart shaped pizza and candy with the kids! I like making it a family holiday, although I don't mind the romantic side, either.;)

Lisa said...

Your new blog is very nice! I'll need to come over and see the heart day decor.