Monday, March 21, 2011

Co-op Crafts!

My friend Nikki made these darling 'memory boards' to use as demos for her craft class at co-op.  Autumn and Cayla are in her class and each made one.  I liked theirs SO much I decided to make my own.

Naturally, I made mine Americana.  It's pretty basic, afterall, I managed it :)  Items required are foam board, fabric large enough to cover the board, ribbons and other embellishments, such as buttons or thumbtacks. And of course a hot glue gun.  Once the board is cut to the desired size, glue the fabric over the board.  Place ribbons across board and hot glue them on the back.  Add embellishments, a ribbon at the top for hanging and that's it.  It's now ready to hold photos, notes or whatever you wish.
I put some fabric on the back simply for my own peace of mind.  There are numerous lines of fabric and ribbon hot glued into place and it's rather unsightly, so I opted to camouflage it with matching fabric.  Of course no one will see the backside, so it's not a necessary step.

St. Patrick's Day had everyone in green....and acting silly.   Emily, Autumn and Jocelyn at lunch.

Cayla and Mark!

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