Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yabba Dabba Doo!!!

Friday, we went back in time.......waaaaaay back.  We turned my house into Bedrock to celebrate my brother in law's 50th birthday.  Lisa prepared the food, Robyn and Clare created the theme and I provided the place.  All the family pitched in and made it a memorable celebration.  *Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, I did not include the ADORABLE poster of Fred Flintstone that Robyn made.
Enjoy the photos....there are a TON of them!
Well, except for the American flag, it looked pretty prehistoric :)
A variety of animals prints, and plenty of earth tones helped create the theme.
Center piece.  It was super cute and blended perfectly.
Flower pots were the perfect serving dishes.

Bamm Bamm Clubs (aka rock candy sticks) for the kids.  They were a big hit :)
           Aren't these great?  Pretzels and jelly bean "rocks".
Baked in leopard print cupcake liners and frosted with earth tones.  They were delicious!!!

Dino treats - Rice Krispy treats cut with bone shaped cookie cutters.  Cleverly delicious!

The five sisters, together again.  From left: Lisa Dawn, Robyn, Katy, Kelly and Clare.
Doesn't he look so angelic? :)

Happy Birthday Rob!
Brontosaurus Ribs!!!

Autumn, Mark and Gilllyan!
Autumn & Gillyan at dinner!

It was a party - they were supposed to act silly :)

What a ham!
Just about the only picture Gideyon let me take!

Kelly & Katy!
Katy & Robyn!

Dad and daughter engrossed in The Flintstones!
Let the present opening commence!

Sweet Gillyan!
Apparently I missed the shot of her flashing the peace sign.  Bummer!

Post gift paper fun!

Jocelyn and Cayla - the clean up crew!
All tidy - a girl after her mom's own heart!
A shot of the 4 "Littles".

Still the Littles!  Yes, they all share the same first name :)

I told Robyn I was going to post this.  I'm not sure she believed me!  I'm sure I'll owe her after this :)

Dad, Cory, Gene and Chuck!

The Birthday Boy!!!  Or should that be "Birthday Old Man?"  :)

Clare and her baby.  Carson's delicious!

Autumn and Gillyan.
Don't they look like sisters with their dishwater blonde hair and big brown eyes?  Sigh!  So cute!
Jocelyn, Kelly, Katy, Mom, Clare and Lisa Dawn!

Robyn & Cory!
Yep, that's me, with my sister!

"Dino" the Dinosaur with Gideyon and Jocelyn.  Gideyon wanted to live with us because he loved Chuck so much!  How sweet is that?!  :)
At the end of the night Gideyon produced this picture.  I guess we know where his mom likes to shop?!  :)

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Clare said...

Okay, so maybe I won't post because it looks like you've got it covered.:) I am so glad that it was such a hit! Thanks for having us.:)