Monday, March 7, 2011

Pictures & Updates!

Chuck insisted on helping Cayla with her math.  We were trying to work on it together and he kept laying his head in between us, on the desk!
On Saturday we took a road trip to visit my husband's grandmother.  It was a fun trip and we surprised his grandmother when we showed up.  She was expecting Cory's parents, but not us.  We had  a wonderful visit, and enjoyed a nice lunch.  It wasn't the same without grandpa and I had to fight off tears several times.  But I'm glad we went and made a memory with the grandparents, great-grandma and my girlies!
Last week was 'Crazy Hair Day' at home school co-op.  You didn't think I let them out of  the house like this for no reason did you?!  :)
Autumn's art class used oil based paints on Thursday and she naturally got some of it on her sleeves.  See the photo above?  Notice how Cayla's shirt has long sleeves?  Yeah, Autumn's had those sleeves too until I decided to salvage the shirt by cutting off the sleeves and hemming them.  Her long sleeved, winter-approved shirt just morphed into a summer-favorite complete with short sleeves.
Art at home.  That's Autumn and me in the picture.  Can't you tell?  :)
Budding artists!
Cayla painted a moose for Luke. You knew that was a moose right?


Clare said...

I love the artwork! I won't let my kids paint. I am such a mean mother. Looks like fun, though.

Lisa Dawn said...

I will have to show the moose to my Alaska friends, I'm sure they will say it looks just like the real thing! I like the cut off sleeve idea!