Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cory's 40th Birthday Celebration!

On Monday, the 23rd, Cory will officially celebrate his 40th birthday.  But we've spent the whole weekend having friends and family over in honor of his big day.  He wasn't big on the idea of an all black "over the hill" party, so I decided on a camo party to commemorate his renewed love of hunting!

Cory and my mom were the only ones I could get to look at me for this picture!

Autumn and Emily!

Mom, dad, Kelly, Rob and Jeff!

Becky and Daniel!

The kids' table.....opening their treat bags!

Clockwise from top......Luke, Autumn, Emily, Cayla, Mark, James and Daniel!

Cory and his birthday pie - Marionberry!

After dinner (Pizza Hut! Did you really think I was cooking for 20? :)  Dr. Rob sat around and told us gross med-school stories :)
Even the ice bucket and cups got dressed up to celebrate :)

Two of my favorite people!  Cory and Autumn in their camo gear!

Thanks Poppy Jim for the '50's era duck decoys!

Kids' table pre-party!

Kids' table centerpiece!

My Autumn!

Camo cupcakes!

Thank goodness for camo-colored candy :)

"Hunting" dog - ha ha ha ha ha!

Autumn loving on Chuck Chuck!
Cory's camo jackets came in quite handy for decorating!

Thanks Aunt Lisa for the wallies, the pop-gun and the various decor you so generously loaned us!  A few yards of fabric, some shotgun shells and several vintage decoys strategically placed, added ambiance.  Can you use the word 'ambiance' in conjunction with a hunting party?!  :)

A little more decor!

The camouflage scrap-booking paper fit perfectly over my print of 1 Cor. 13.  It almost looks framed :)

Wallies in the window!

Still more decor!

Targets doubled as wall decoration!

Deer antlers displayed on burlap.  Chuck was VERY interested in these!

Poppy's goose decoy goes for a swim on the backporch in the wading pool!

Scrap booking stickers turned plain brown napkins and cups into camo-appropriate decoration!


Clare said...

Cute! What a great theme. I am jealous of the pie.;) It is too bad we don't all live near each other- we would throw killer parties all the time-for no reason at all, just to show off our mad skills!Happy Birthday to Cory! I am sure he appreciated all the hard work. P.S. I loved the targets!

Robyn said...

Love that you went with a non-traditional theme. I think that is what "makes" a party. Turned out really cute! Wish I could have been there...