Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day 2011 has turned out to be, quite possibly, the best holiday of the year.  Not just for myself, but in celebrating with my mother, mother-in-law, and sister - three of my all time favorite moms.  On Thursday, my sister and I piled the kids into the car right after co-op and jetted down to our mom and dad's house for a whirlwind Mother's Day Extravaganza.  While Kelly watched the younger children and my dad did whatever dad's do, Lisa and I whisked our mom over to Outback for a couple of their spectacular dinners, then we were off to a few stores for shopping.  Because if you know us at all, you know that no outing is complete without a trip to a store or two, or five.

Friday morning was filled with helping my dad get his truck unstuck (don't ask), watching the kids 'drive' his tractor and deep frying those wonderful little canned biscuit know the one's I'm talking about!

After presenting my mom with our Mother's Day gifts, we piled back into the car, devoured a quick lunch and headed home.  It was fast, and crazy and wonderful!
Mom and Lisa - don't kill me, it's the only picture that turned out even half way decent.  And hey your eyes are open, so YEA!!!
On Saturday, we took my mother-in-law her standard Mother's Day fare....pansies.  She adores pansies, and spending a sunny afternoon planting them is half the fun.  This year is a double bonus for her because she recently retired, so she can pick any day this week and enjoy planting, instead of having to 'hurry' and get them in the ground before returning to work Monday morning.  p.s. I think I'm more excited about her retirement than she is.  I cannot wait to drop by and visit her.....on a Tuesday, at 2:30, for no reason what-so-ever.
My own Mother's Day included hand selecting my gift.  I know it's shocking, but I chose the purse below.  Yes, it's a Vera Bradley, yes, it's huge, yes, I carried it to church and yes, I love it!  After church, we were seated right away at our favorite restaurant (Azteca), visited the afternoon away with dear friends who accompanied us, and reveled in the fact that it was a slow-paced, relaxing day, devoted to those women who gave us life.

Vera Bradley Stephanie in Totally Turq!  Thanks honey!!!

Thank you mom for choosing to have me, keep me and love me; and thank you Barb for loving me as one of your own.  I LOVE YOU BOTH!  Happy Mother's Day!


Clare said...

Sounds like fun. Wish I had been there to be with my mom.:( I am glad you are posting more often, I was kind of feeling all alone here in the blog world by myself. I like company!

Lisa said...

Cute bag. What about the one for your sister? Huh? You better get to work. Pink is my favorite, but americana works, too.

Lisa said...

Oops! Posted on the wrong day. That is what I get for reading two at once. Simply apply the former comment to the post about the sleeper bag.

The post for this day is: It was a really fun trip to mom's. We should do it again sometime. It is your turn to drive. :0)