Monday, May 9, 2011

Sleeper Bag!

Wow!  A Mother's Day post yesterday and now ANOTHER post today?  What is this world coming to?  If I post again tonight, call the authorities, it means my blog's been hijacked :)
So, my mom, ever the quintessential southern belle, introduced me to the sleeper bag.....years ago.  And while it never 'took' with me, I do have my Kate Spade purse in a sleeper bag (because it came with one) and I have occasionally employed one to transport shoes without being too obvious!
The bag below is a 'happy' for my mother; it's a sleeper bag for shoes.
The bag is made of a polyester fabric, lined with nylon and has a hidden drawstring.  It's completely washable, and holds everything from dainty sandals, to bulky tennis shoes.
I hope you like it mom!

Bag with string drawn!
Bag with drawstring hidden!

Bag inverted, so my mom can see what the lining looks like :)

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Clare said...

Love the new background. I have never heard of a "sleeper" bag- but I bet those would make adorable party favors. Why don't you whip up a couple for me?;)