Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Retirement Barb!

On Saturday we celebrated my mother in law's retirement.  It was a wonderful gathering of friends and family.  I apologize some most of the photos are so lousy, but I think candids are difficult to capture without getting right in people's faces.  And I'm sure most of the people are glad I didn't get in their
face :)

Um, clearly this is the cake!
My sister in law Andrea.  As always, a gracious host.

Barb and her sister, Aunt Pam!

Grandma (Barb's mom).  Can you believe she's over 90?

Table setting....minus a few foods, but I tried to capture it before people began eating!

The kid's table downstairs.  Chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese.  Does it get anymore kid-friendly than that?!  :)

One of my favorite people!

My gorgeous niece, Caitlin, with Barb.

My Autumn with Grammy Barb.

Grandma and Aunt Pam.

My other gorgeous and incredibly gifted niece, Lisa Dawn.  She entertained the crowd with beautiful music.

Tina (Barb's former co-worker) and Tom, Barb and my honey!

Barb's long time friends Cheryl and Sandy, with Grandma.  Sorry I caught grandma at the wrong moment :(

My typical candid....backs of heads.  From left to right are Dick, Jim (father in law), Steve and Cory.  Dick and Steve are old friends of Jim's that go waaaaaaay back :)

Rachelle and Kelly (former co-worker).  I instantly connected with them as they're from my home town and Kelly was a former Bomber!

Cory, Tom and Uncle Walt (also a former Bomber).

Tina, Carolyn (Barb's former co-worker) and the back of Aunt Pam's head!  Dang it!

My Cayla.  Such a willing subject!

Cory with a childhood friend, Brock.

Jigs (Jim's cousin) and Barb.

Bettie (Jigs' wife) and Grandma!

Andrea, Caitlin and Cheryl

Ron and April (Barb's former co-worker).  I love April.  She goes to church and she home schooled her children.  Needless to say, we have some things in common :)


Lisa Dawn said...

I wondered what the kids were eating! That was a clever idea! :)
I thought the party was great! Everyone seemed to be having a good time and I really enjoyed playing! (and having cake and lots of punch :)

Clare said...

I think having a live piano performance is such a classy idea- I may be a little biased, though.:) Looks like another great party!