Thursday, June 2, 2011

Independence Day Crafts!!!

Yep, I've been crafting again.  I promise this won't turn into a crafter's blog....I don't have that many ideas, nor that much time :)  But my favorite holiday IS fast approaching, so I thought I would make a couple of items to get me in the spirit.  While I'm always my own worst critic, there must be something about these that I like because I was at least willing to post them!

This clip board was u-g-l-y before.  Someone (no names mentioned) had scribbled on the back, and there was something sticky on the front that I could NOT get off.  It looked terrible, so I decided to dress it up.  Seeing as how this is my first experiment using all of the materials I needed, it was definitely a learning curve.  Lesson #1 LET THE GLUE DRY BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH MOD PODGE :)  You know what's funny? spell check doesn't like the word 'podge'.  That makes me laugh!
I had to cover the back too because it would not only make it look cute when it's being carried, but it DID have writing on the back and I couldn't let that go!
This was fun and SIMPLE!  My sister and I have seen these rag wreaths at craft shows and we always SAY we're going to make one.  In short, I took a coat hanger and Cory used wire cutters to snip off the ends.  I then had him form it into the size circle I wanted and we hooked the ends together and secured them with electrical tape (imagine that? :)  I'm sure I still have a lot to learn, but I thought it turned out all right, and only took about an hour to complete.  p.s. I have NO clue how many pieces of fabric are on it, I was far too lazy to count!
Here is the wreath hanging on my fireplace.  I'm not sure how to keep the strips of fabric from falling over (any ideas?) other than to cut them shorter, or dip them in liquid starch (neither sounds fun), but for now, that's where it is!

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