Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 So, we've had this hideous desk chair for some time now and it really needed a new cover.  Basically, it wasn't where I wanted to spend my money so I didn't want to buy an entirely new chair, but just wanted to make this one look better.

So I crafted a slip cover of sorts from scraps of upholstery fabric I bought at a yard sale.  The seat and the back are both made of two pieces, sewn together.  I created a casing to run a drawstring through the backside/underside so I can remove the cover in the event of spills, dirt or simply because I want to change it out easily.  The new fabric is much brighter, and Chuck hair doesn't stick to it as readily as the old fabric :)
After creating my first batch of matchbox covers, I hate it when I grab for a matchbox and it's one I haven't re-covered.  So I flipped through magazines to find pictures I liked and created a new set of covers.  I promise I won't post every batch of matchbox covers, and at some point it will grow old and I will tire of re-covering them, but for now I'm really loving it :)


Clare said...

I'm impressed. For some bizarre reason, I have always wanted to re-cover something, but I have never had the chance. If I do, I know you can show me how!:)

Robyn said...

I have never been brave enough to recover any furniture. However since we have our own smelly dog, I am going to HAVE to try my hand at those cutie matchboxes:)