Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Craft 2 of 3!

When Autumn found out her grandparents were having a sale, she was determined to bake something to contribute.  They turned out really cute and quite festive for fall.  She sold them all :)

We made a big batch of double chocolate brownies, cut generous sized squares and wrapped them in plastic bags, tied with candy corn fabric.

She wasn't content to just have one baked good, so she insisted we make chocolate chip bars as well.
After they were wrapped and tied off, we crafted cute little tags to adhere to the outside of each one, and we placed them in a Longaberger to enhance the 'cute factor.'
Here's a close up of one of the tags.  The cookie bars' tag was striped cardstock with 'Treats by Autumn' printed on coordinating green paper.  So there you have it.  Super easy, super cute and super 'Autumn.'


Robyn said...

Those were way to cute! I bet they were yummy too:) Gilly & Gidey beg constantly to sell lemonade, maybe next time I will have to whip up some goodies to go with it.

Clare said...

Those are adorable and you really shouldn't have given them away! You definitely could have gotten a dollar-maybe two!:)