Monday, September 5, 2011

A Little Labor.....and a Lot of Play!

Labor Day weekend was really a lot of fun.  It started with huckleberry picking on Friday morning.  We only had time to collect about 1.5 quarts, but we're planning another trip SOON.  Then on Saturday, we took an old train ride through some beautiful country in the northern part of our state.  We were practically in Canada, and the scenery was gorgeous.  You can check out the details of the ride here.  But for a few of my own photos of the trip, plus the rest of our weekend activities......keep reading.

Picture of the train car we rode in.  Vintage cars, pulled by a modern engine.

Autumn, being goofy and having fun as we pulled away. While not exactly Amtrak, it was a good  home school field trip for the kids to get to ride a train :)
Lisa Dawn, Katy, Autumn and Mark.

Katy, anticipating our trip.

Lisa Dawn.....smiley as always!

Cayla and Luke!

View from the bridge....yeah, it freaked me out a bit because we STOPPED on the bridge.  I don't like bridges and I certainly don't like parking on them, but the scenery was incredible and I forced myself to take a few photos.

This is the view from the other side of the bridge.  Not too bad for a photo taken through a closed window.

It wasn't exactly Cory's idea of a great way to spend a Saturday, but he did enjoy being with the family :)

The instigators of this shindig.  Rob can always find some crazy expedition for us to set out on.  All in all though, it was a pretty fun day!

Almost all of us after the trip :)  

...................On Sunday we headed to my parents so the guys could do some roof work for my dad who just had a procedure on his back and definitely wasn't up for climbing around on the roof.......

The Roofers!

The coordinator (Lisa) and the project manager (dad) overseeing the work!

Cory, Gene and Rob assessing the wind damage.

Even though it was Luke's 12th birthday, he was VERY excited to climb on the roof and lend a hand.

And last but not least.....this crazy thing is MY labor for the weekend.  About 15 years ago I bought a plastic bag holder at an arts and crafts show in my home town.  I won't post pictures, but let me just assure you that my love of all things holstein (that's what the old fabric was) is OVER.  Needless to say it was worn OUT.  So I decided to whip up a new one and I must say, I like it a LOT better than the old one.  It's made of a heavier fabric, and I put thick elastic in the bottom so it would retain it's shape, plus I fashioned it about 1/4 longer than the old one so now it holds a ton of bags.  Bring on the shopping :)

So that's it.  My weekend in a nutshell.  It was fast and furious (that's the way we seem to do things around here) but it was fun.


Clare said...

Not sad I missed the train ride, but I would have enjoyed the company! Thanks for posting pictures of everyone. I miss you all so much!

Anonymous said...

A fun weekend!! Thanks for all the help on the homeplace. I wish I could have traveled the rail, it looks like lots of fun with family.
Good job on the bag.